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Wood our strength

We are a company specialized in the commercialization of all kind of products related to wood industry. We provide practical and effective solutions to all our wooden floors and general furniture producers all around the world.

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Exotic and
Standard Woods

Exotic and Standard Woods

We sell a wide variety of woods. Not only the most exotic and refined types, such as “Cocobolo” and “Teka”, but also the hardest ones, such us “Oak, Ipé Guayacán”, without forgetting the most common ones, such as “Pine”, “Eucalyptus”, among others.


Machinery for the production of woodworking floors and furniture

We provide our clients integral solutions to be able to apply technology in their business. We have a great experience in the commercialization of machinery for the production of woodworking floors and furniture. In America, we represent most of the best machinery brands of Europe, China and Taiwan.


Fittings for all kinds of furniture

We have a wide variety of high quality fittings. We commercialize them from China and Europe to all over the world.

Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring

In America, we represent the best brands of laminated, engineering and solid floors from Malaysia, China and Europe.